"Automated systems to apply and cure advanced coatings for healthcare."
GWX Coating System

Harland Medical Systems presents the GWX Series Coating System for applying and curing ultraviolet and heat cured medical device coatings. The GWX coater integrates both dip coating and curing in one compact unit and is ideal for coating catheters, guidewires, introducers, and other similar medical devices.

The pre-engineered modules mean you can select the feature packages and automation levels you need for your particular application, without the long lead times and high costs associated with custom-designed equipment.

gwx-uv175 coating systems machine

Dip Module

The GWX Series Coating Systems are designed to coat low column strength devices, such as guide- wires and small diameter catheters up to 180 cm in length. By raising the solution tubes up, the devices remain stationary and do not follow a bend, allowing them to remain straight in their strongest position. As the tubes rise, coating solution flows through the solution tubes to assist the parts into the solution. The dipping module then lowers at a precise rate to accurately apply the coating. And the coating solution is maintained at a constant level as solution is consumed while coating the parts.

Cure Module

The GWX coater can be equipped with an ultraviolet cure module, a heat cure module, or both. The cure module slides into position and surrounds your parts after dipping, so there is no need for a separate curing oven. The GWX can provide both heat and UV energy to supply whatever your coating chemistry demands. Heat or UV cure can be simply selected in the Harland CoatingWorks™ protocol creation program.

UV Cure
The UV Cure Module produces a flood of the proper UV wavelength light to cure today’s UV-cured coating chemistries. Cool operation of UV sources minimizes heat buildup and a built-in radiometer monitors UV intensity and sounds an alarm if intensity drops below a set level.

Heat Cure
The cure module can also provide heat for thermally cured coatings. Moving air helps maintain temperature from top to bottom.


Process Capabilities
Maximum Overall Part Length175 cm
Maximum length to be coated165 cm
Device capacity per cassette12
Maximum number of coating solutionsTwo
Maximum number of coating layers10
Air Ventilation Required
Exhaust air flow – minimum requirement1200 cfm
Solution Reservoirs
Single solution dip module12
Dual solution dip module24
Cure Module
Heat cure temperature rangeAmbient – 60°C
UV sourceFluorescent UV
UV spectrumAs required by coating chemistry
Estimated bulb life9000 hours
Motion Control
Dip insertion and extraction rates0.1 – 10.0 cm/second
Electrical Requirements
Voltage/Phase230 volts / 3 phase
Frequency50 Hz – 60 Hz
AC Power Wiring4 wire
Current draw with maximum number of UV lamps60 amps
Main Coater Frame
Height112 inches/284.5 cm
Width76 inches/193 cm
Depth36 inches/91.5 cm
Solution Control Housing
Height36 inches/ 91.5 cm
Width48 inches/123 cm
Depth121 inches/307 cm
Custom heights availableYes
Approximate weight3000 lbs
Materials of Construction
Materials exposed in processStainless steel, anodized aluminum, and powder coated steel
Control systemAllen Bradley PLC
PLC softwareRS Logix
Ethernet connection portsTwo on panel PC
USB portsFour (control panel and HMI)
HMI softwareHarland proprietary CoatingWorks™
Safety Features
Emergency StopOne E-Stop button on front of coater
Automatic door interlocksPowered interlock—front doors
Electrical InterlockMain electrical disconnect on rear door
Sensors and Monitors
Lifetime cycle count monitoringStandard
Temperature monitorAvailable
Humidity monitorAvailable
Coating solution viscosity monitorAvailable
Internal UV intensity monitor for each UV sourceAvailable
Calibration frequencyYearly
Remote Access
Remote access available with coater connection to internetStandard