"Automated systems to apply and cure advanced coatings for healthcare."
IDX Coating System

Harland Medical Systems presents the IDX Series Coating System for applying and curing both ultraviolet-cured or heat cured medical device coatings. The IDX Series modular, multi-station coater provides a compact, versatile platform for coating medical devices with high volumes up to 15-20 million parts per year.  Linked stations each can perform one or more of the following processes: clean and surface prep, dip coat, spray, dry, UV cure, heat cure, and unload pallets of multiple devices.

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IDX Multi-Station Coating System

IDX Multi-Station Coating System

The pre-engineered modules mean you can select the feature packages and automation levels you need for your particular application, without the long lead times and high costs associated with custom-designed equipment.

Dip Module

The Dip Station performs a precisely controlled dip and extract of the devices into and out  of the coating solution. The pallet is transported in and out of the station. A servo driven  elevator lowers the devices into a tank of coating solution. The devices are withdrawn from  the coating solution at a precisely controlled extraction rate.

Cure Module

UV Cure
The UV Cure Module produces a flood of the proper wavelength UV light to cure today’s UV-cured coating chemistries.  The station is a fully enclosed system that uses specialty fluorescent lamps to cure the coating on the devices. Front, center and rear banks of fluorescent lamps provide the ultraviolet light required.

Heat Cure
Cure module can also provide heat for thermally cured coatings.  Moving air helps maintain temperature from top to bottom. The system is modular with process stations that can be configured to accommodate the process required for the device coating.


Process Capabilities
Maximum Overall Part Length50 cm
Maximum length to be coated40 cm
Device capacity per cassetteUp to 112 parts
Air Ventilation Required
Exhaust air flow – minimum requirement1200 cfm
Solution Reservoirs
Single solution dip module12
Dual solution dip module24
Cure Module
Heat cure temperature rangeAmbient – 60°C
UV sourceFluorescent UV or Mercury Halide
UV spectrumAs required by coating chemistry
Estimated bulb lifeVaries depending on cure module
Motion Control
Dip insertion and extraction rates0.1 – 10.0 cm/second
Electrical Requirements
Voltage/Phase220 volts / 3 phase
Frequency50 Hz – 60 Hz
AC Power Wiring4 wire
Current draw with maximum number of UV lamps60 amps
Materials of Construction
Materials exposed in processStainless steel, anodized aluminum, and powder coated steel
Control systemAllen Bradley PLC
PLC softwareRS Logix
Ethernet connection portsTwo on panel PC
USB portsFour (control panel and HMI)
HMI softwareHarland proprietary CoatingWorks™
Safety Features
Emergency StopOne E-Stop button on front of coater
Automatic door interlocksPowered interlock—front doors
Electrical InterlockMain electrical disconnect on rear door
Sensors and Monitors
Lifetime cycle count monitoringStandard
Temperature monitorAvailable
Humidity monitorAvailable
Coating solution viscosity monitorAvailable
Internal UV intensity monitor for each UV sourceAvailable
Calibration frequencyYearly
Remote Access
Remote access available with coater connection to internetStandard