"Automated systems to apply and cure advanced coatings for healthcare."
PCX Coating System

Harland Medical Systems presents the PCX Series Coating System for applying and curing ultraviolet-cured medical device coatings. The PCX coater integrates both dip coating and curing in one compact unit. Ideal for coating catheters, guidewires, introducers, and similar medical devices. The pre-engineered modules mean you can select the feature packages and automation levels you need for your particular application, without the long lead times associated with custom-designed equipment.

pcx-175 coating system machineThe PCX Coating Station contains two processing chambers – left and right. A removable cassette holds up to 12 parts in each chamber. A dipping module and a curing module shuttle back and forth between the processing chambers. While one set of 12 parts is being dipped, the cure module is curing a second set of parts in the other chamber. This simultaneous processing provides near continuous processing for the operator.

Dip Module

The Dip Coating module holds a vertical motion column that lowers a pallet of devices into individual solution tubes. The PCX Coating System uses U-shaped tubes, meaning you can coat long devices without the need for unusually high ceiling clearance. And for shorter coated lengths, a Straight Dip configuration is available. These tubes are removable and disposable to help keep your coating solution fresh. You have the ability to program the immersion speed, immersion distance, and extraction speed that is right for your device and coating chemistry. An optional alignment comb automatically keeps parts aligned with solution tubes and can also serve as an Autofeeder to assist parts into solution tubes. A Dual Solution option accommodates two separate solutions for those coating technologies requiring two unique fluids. Other optional dipping accessories monitor coating solution level, replenish depleted fluid and measure critical solution properties.

Cure Module

The UV Cure Module produces a flood of the proper spectrum UV light to cure today’s coating chemistries. In order to assure uniform curing, the parts rotate individually in front of the UV light sources. These sources are arranged in stacked pairs with each pair curing 25 cm of part length. Sources can be added to coat up to 170 cm of device length.

A shutter opens and closes for precise control of cure time. When this shutter is closed and no curing is underway, UV sources can be reduced to standby power to conserve energy and extend bulb life.

Easy Loading

Uncoated devices are loaded, 12 at a time, into the coater on a removable cassette. After starting the fresh devices through their coating process, finished devices can be removed from the opposite side of the coater and new uncoated devices loaded.

Remote Access

With connection to internet, PCX Coater can be operated remotely for service and training.


Process Capabilities
Device capacity per cassette–single solution18
Device capacity per cassette–dual solution12
Device capacity per coater36 single solution/24 dual solution
Maximum number of coatings2
Maximum number of coating layers10
Air Flow
Exhaust air flow minimum requirement1,200 cfm
Coating Solution Reservoirs
J-shaped solution tubes — dual solution24
Straight solution tubes — dual solution24
Cure Module
UV source typeMercury metal halide
UV lamp control modesOff/On Standby power/On Full Power
Estimated UV bulb life500 hours
Motion Control
Dip insertion and extraction rates0.1 – 10 cm/s
Cure rotation speeds2-5 rpm
Clearance between parts3 inches
Electrical Requirements
Voltage230 volts
Frequency50 – 60 Hz
Phase3 phase
AC power wiring4 wire
Current draw (with maximum number of UV sources)65 amps
HeightVaries w/ model
Width96 in/244 cm
Depth49.5 in/126 cm
Custom heights availableyes
Approx. weight1,800 lbs
Materials of Construction
Materials exposed to processStainless steel, anodized aluminum, and powder coated steel
Control systemAllen Bradley PLC
PLC softwareRS Logix
Ethernet connection portsTwo on panel PC
USB portsTwo on control frame, two on HMI
HMI softwareHarland Proprietary CoatingWorks™ software
Safety Features
Emergency stopOne E-stop button on front of coater
Automatic door interlocksPowered interlock – front doors
Electrical interlockMain electrical disconnect on rear door
Sensors and Monitors
Lifetime cycle count monitorStandard
Calibration frequencyYearly



Alignment Comb
Separates devices prior to dipping and maintains device alignment with solution tube openings.
Assists devices into solution tubes during dipping process. Available only along with Alignment Comb option.
Straight Dip Module
Devices enter coating solution without bending. Available only with coating lengths up to 40 cm.
Dual Solution Dip Module
Allows two distinct coating solutions to be applied sequentially.
Recirculation Dip Module
Continuously circulates coating solution to extend pot life. Available only with Straight Dip option.
Automatic Solution Refill
Maintains coating solution level as coating is consumed. Available only with Recirculation Dip Module.
Viscosity Monitoring
Continuously monitors viscosity of coating solution(s). Available only with Recirculation Dip Module.
Barcode Reader
Scans device barcode and coater automatically selects correct coating protocol for device ID read.
External Radiometer
Detector mounts inside cure chamber. Meter connects externally.
Continuous UV Monitoring
Each UV Source continuously monitors UV intensity and alarms if levels drop out of preset range.
Reflective Cure Module
For devices too large to rotate in front of UV sources.
Air Purge
Provides a burst of air through device lumen to clear excess coating solution.